After leaving Price Hill Will. I built Orchards for the Port Authority Fall of 2018 and we are gearing up to do more of the same in Spring of 2019. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved!

STILL, fixing this big-silly-wonderful house, we do concerts and teach workshops. Right now, I am doing a total remodel of the bathroom, it is nuts!

Permaculture Design Consultation services in the Cincinnati region.

Reading voraciously, for it is Winter.

In the middle of a massive overhaul of self. Currently not undermining myself or others, and it is amazing and a profoundly difficult time. 🙂

Improvising with OTRimprov.

Board Chair for Cincinnati Permaculture Institute. And co-teaching the Yearlong PDC

Coordinator for the CRMPI PDC in Colorado July 2019.

I am learning qi gong, banjo, and now, web design.

…I am trying shrink the size of this list.


Last updated January, 2019.