After leavingĀ Price Hill Will. I built Orchards for the Port Authority Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019. We are now calling this work The Common Orchard Project – With 10 lots and 2 acre site in development, it is going to be an exciting 2021!

We have partnered with Green Umbrella to expand the team and grow the work. Our goal is 20 new orchards every year for the next 10 years. Let’s get to 100 and beyond!

More work…
– Curious about Re-rentry and working with folks in these Orchards.
– Organizing around Peer Based Production models and The Commons. Working with Schumacher Center, YES! Magazine, and other crazy big connections. Its humbling.
– Adding 350 pawpaw to the 1000 chestnut trees at Southern Ohio Chestnut Company’s home base in Athens Ohio
– Planting 10 acres of Chestnuts for a client in Athens. If you want to know more about larger plantings like this, please reach out.
– Scheming orchard builds in Cleveland, Akron, Canton with various community partners.
– Grafting over 400 trees
– Working with 3,000 trees in 2021. Either in the ground or grafting to get in the ground next year.

Selling this wonderful huge house, the next owner will continue to do concerts and teach workshops. Let me know if you would like to host something!

Permaculture Design Consultation services in the Cincinnati region. This is really starting to grow!

Really digging into Herbalism and Plant Medicine.

Cutting of my beard of 6 years

Improvising with OTRimprov. (whenever we can gather again…)

Co-teaching the Yearlong PDC with Cincinnati Permaculture Institute.

Little Bits:
– More travel and side trips – usually farming related
– Hosting more Circle and group discernment. One on Sensemaking, if you want to join.
– Prepping for a one month trip to the UK in July

I have 60 books starring me down – This year the goal is get through 30 – I’ll post about this on my Instagram

…I am trying shrink the size of this list.

Last updated January, 2021.