I am searching and building. Seeking a better way to pull raw materials together into gold.

I’ve been a musician, community organizer, student, teacher, agroecologist, and improvisor, often I am a little too little of all of these.

I live in a Victorian monstrosity in Price Hill, Cincinnati with several homies and our Jack-Chi Frank (the landlord).

A Four on the Enneagram, I am always seeking ways to be different. Often I end up back where I started.

I used to be quite contented, now I am deeply dissatisfied. Which gives me something to do with my days.

This website shares the gradual refining of ways I discover or build which ease that tension. If tension can’t be eased, I ask to share a cup of tea with it. I strive for a simple, clear, informative, and hopeful approach that is sequenced intelligently for deeper growth and greater service.

I hope you will share your gifts and refinements with me.